IMG_7935Well we’re moving right along and baby E is now three weeks old. I’m sorry, I know that babies age, but holy smokes!! When people say that time flies when you have a kid.. they aren’t kidding! Boy grows before my eyes every single day. My favorite thing right now is staring. I just sit and stare at him.. I feel like I can’t do anything else. My mind and body are completely drawn to him 100% of the day and night. Oh, and another favorite- the fact that I can’t get hims little butt powdered before he starts peeing on me/something close by.. the joys of motherhood 🙂

IMG_7939And in honor of the new school year starting- I figured I should share my view for the next semester! I’m pretty nervous about starting classes again being so new to the momma scene, but I’m taking it slow- and taking all of my classes online. I can only hope that all of my schoolwork doesn’t cut into my staring time 😉

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