1 month and counting!

1monthSpecial Friday post to scream happy 1 month birthday to my baby boy!!! Here I am again, not believing how fast the time is going.. but it’s still crazy! We haven’t hit any crazy milestones yet. El has recently started becoming very handsy- grabbing my hair and that type of loveliness. Also, I didn’t want to jinx it (and watch me jinx it) BUT- he is a fabulous sleeper! Since day one he had a routine, and he has stuck by that almost to a T every single night. I also have to give praise to my wonderful husband who is very helpful every morning, letting me sleep while he hangs out with El until right before he leaves for work! Besides that, El is smiling… in his sleep. Lol and he’s just recently started laughing in his sleep as well- which is the BEST thing I’ve seen so far! We’re very excited for that first “social smile” 🙂

Anyway- I hope everyone has a fabulous Labor Day weekend!! Stay cool, and enjoy the extra time you get with your families and friends! frying

Oh and here’s my favorite picture from our little camera experiment- guess he’s not into hour long photo shoots.

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