back to school, back to school

(in my best Billy Madison voice)

Really though, the new semester did start today which means my organization is working at an all time high. I have a few resolutions for 2016 and one of them is to try and stay organized and ahead in my classes. Something that usually helps is writing all of my assignments out in a planner so that I can see them in front of me all of the time. It also helps to have an adorable planner- little things like that keep me motivated 🙂

school station(Also loving my desktop background right now! I found a website called May Designs that offers adorable desktop and iPhone backgrounds for free!)

I’m actually excited about school starting today. I have found that I’m a lot happier and feel a lot better when I stay on a schedule, and school is one of the things that help form my schedule. Obviously being the mom of a five month old means I’m mostly on his clock- but we’ve done well establishing something that works really well for us! And bragging moment, El has been sleeping in his crib successfully for 5 weeks now!! It was actually kind of magical.. the first night we put him in his crib, he just took to it, and has been in there ever since!

Anyway- just wanted to check in, request that everyone wish me good luck on this semester, and in return show you a few pictures of my baby 🙂

laundry basketthumb suckerswing




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