Seven Spectacular Months


& he sits!!! ha:) I really was beginning to think he’d never sit. Now I’m wondering when he will be able to get into sitting position by himself? I think that’s when I’ll drop his crib down- I’m excited for that! Although I don’t know why because I’m fairly certain I’m too short to reach him down there. Also, he’s playing with his sensory box I made in this picture! He really only likes the plastic lid that he’s chewing on, and the box itself. 🙂

I don’t really have any new updates besides the sitting. He doesn’t say Mama anymore… only Dada (insert heaviest rolling eyes emoji). We’ve been battling sickness for the past few weeks with congestion and lots of coughing and snot. During which time he wouldn’t eat his regular solids, wouldn’t drink water from his cup, and wouldn’t do anything unless I was right beside him. But, I think we are in the clear now! (cross your fingers and knock on wood and spin around three times and whatever voodoo you do to make sure you’re right).

Other than that, it’s all same-old over here! We’re getting very excited about warmer weather so we can go on more outside adventures, and even warmer weather so we can start going to the lake/pool! And soon after that will be his birthday that I’m yes already planning and excited for 🙂


To leave you, here’s a picture of a baby playing in a pile of wood chips. Happy Monday! You’re welcome!

Edit: If you have Snapchat- add me @ bentonalix for mainly more Ellis 🙂


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