Galaxy Shirt DIY


Little DIY for everyone!! I looooved making these shirts, way cooler than tie-dye in my opinion because the shirts are black and everything is better in black. It was also super simple and pretty low cost!

So first things first are your supplies:


I got everything I needed from Michaels. The large spray dye kit isn’t really necessary, It’s just the only one they had. We only used blue, purple, and pink/red.


So first you’re going to tie up your t-shirt just like you would a regular tie-dye.


Then put your shirt in the sink, put on your gloves that come with the tie-dye kit, and start pouring bleach into the center of each knot you made. (be careful not to let the bleach spill everywhere on your shirt for obvious reasons)


I was really almost more in love with the burnt orange color than the galaxy color lol I’m thinking of making other and leaving it like this! But- you’ll want to splatter some bleach on the shirt too to create the star/galaxy feel. I just dipped my hands in the bleach and flicked it onto the shirt.


When you’re done bleaching, lay your shirt out onto a trash bag. You don’t need to let the bleach dry or anything, just grab your dye and start spraying your bleached spots! I sprayed mine over and over and over again. Don’t be scared to do lots of layering and spraying. You’ll notice that the colors fade fast so really, just keep spraying.

We added flicks of blue and pink paint by dipping paintbrushes in the paint and splashing it on the shirts… although I don’t think I will do this step next time. A-lot of the paint came off while in the wash even though it was on cold and with no soap which is what was recommended. So we were left with only a couple random paint spots which wasn’t the idea.


The same thing happened with the white spray paint that happened with the pink and blue paint. But- I would recommend doing the white paint because even if most of it comes off in the washer, whats remaining still looks cool in my opinion.


Okay! Hang your shirt up and let it dry for at least 5 hours. We just let ours hang over night. When you’re ready, grab the shirt and run it under cold water until it runs clear. Then toss it in the washer with no soap and hang dry. After that you’re ready to wear and wash as normal! Super simple, kind of time consuming but it was definitely fun for a sister sleepover! Which reminds me- go checkout my sisters DIY version of this on her YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe!

For anyone trying- good luck and let me see your results!!


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