Where have I been!?

Ohhh I’ve missed this. If there is anything this blog has taught me, it’s that time management is hard! Taking care of El, going to school, and nurturing my social life are about all I can keep up with. Tack on something like kidney stone removal surgery and I’m out! My lord, what a nightmare. I won’t go into all of my frustrations about the kidney stone thing- I’ll just say this- If it’s a week before your birthday, and they want you to get surgery that will involve having a stent placed for a week, and they tell you the stent WON’T be a problem whatsoever, and you’ll totally enjoy your birthday still- DON’T LISTEN. I’m not saying they are wrong in all cases, but they are definitely wrong in some. Because I went through something called stent syndrome, which is where your body rejects the stent and will land you back in the hospital for pain meds and fluids 🙂 But- that’s water under the bridge now.

I don’t even know where to pick back up now! El has turned 8 and 9 months old since I’ve been away from the blog- he is so much fun!! 4 teeth and working on 2 more, crawling- fast- laughing so hard he can’t breath, and clinging to his Momma.


What else is new….

It’s summer break! So that’s a huge relief. I’m so excited to spend the summer getting to focus 100% on Ellis! I have lots of exciting plans for us, so I will have lots to post about 🙂

But other than that right now, I’m just checking in! Letting everyone (including myself) know that I’m getting back into blogging action!  And as always, some of my favorite pics of El from the past few months, X


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