I’m still here!

Holy cow. I knew it would be hard to mom, school, life and blog… but I didn’t know it would be IMPOSSIBLE! Sheesh! But here I am- still alive and missing my blog. So a few updates since I’ve been away..

El has turned 3 and then 4 months old! Obviously inevitable.. but I’m definitely not ready!! He is growing out of his love for cuddles. I can sneak some in here and there but mostly he wants to be entertained. Which is perfectly fine with me because I love to try and entertain him. ( emphasis on try 🙂 ) He is getting soo big too! I am slowly but surely becoming incapable of rocking him to sleep. The 5 lb weights I’ve been exercising with aren’t helping anymore! We have his 4 month checkup on Thursday and I can’t wait to see just how big he is!

 His hobbies are: chewing on anything that fits in his mouth, mostly his hands- he loves his hands! He has also starting spitting! Like where you stick your tongue out and make that kind of fart noise? Lol I don’t know how to explain it. But I did that to him one day and he copied me, so we’ve just been spitting at each other ever since 🙂 He still loves to kick. We’ve started giving him fruit and veggie purees and his favorite so far is peaches:) He is still super happy, but will only giggle when you tickle his armpits! Ugh I’m sure no one cares, but right now he is napping and typing this is making me miss him!

In other unbaby related news- I have one more assignment today and them I am DONE with this semester! Looking forward to having a break before the next one starts. Also- I have a couple of crafts to post- so stay tuned for that!


1 month and counting!

1monthSpecial Friday post to scream happy 1 month birthday to my baby boy!!! Here I am again, not believing how fast the time is going.. but it’s still crazy! We haven’t hit any crazy milestones yet. El has recently started becoming very handsy- grabbing my hair and that type of loveliness. Also, I didn’t want to jinx it (and watch me jinx it) BUT- he is a fabulous sleeper! Since day one he had a routine, and he has stuck by that almost to a T every single night. I also have to give praise to my wonderful husband who is very helpful every morning, letting me sleep while he hangs out with El until right before he leaves for work! Besides that, El is smiling… in his sleep. Lol and he’s just recently started laughing in his sleep as well- which is the BEST thing I’ve seen so far! We’re very excited for that first “social smile” 🙂

Anyway- I hope everyone has a fabulous Labor Day weekend!! Stay cool, and enjoy the extra time you get with your families and friends! frying

Oh and here’s my favorite picture from our little camera experiment- guess he’s not into hour long photo shoots.


IMG_7935Well we’re moving right along and baby E is now three weeks old. I’m sorry, I know that babies age, but holy smokes!! When people say that time flies when you have a kid.. they aren’t kidding! Boy grows before my eyes every single day. My favorite thing right now is staring. I just sit and stare at him.. I feel like I can’t do anything else. My mind and body are completely drawn to him 100% of the day and night. Oh, and another favorite- the fact that I can’t get hims little butt powdered before he starts peeing on me/something close by.. the joys of motherhood 🙂

IMG_7939And in honor of the new school year starting- I figured I should share my view for the next semester! I’m pretty nervous about starting classes again being so new to the momma scene, but I’m taking it slow- and taking all of my classes online. I can only hope that all of my schoolwork doesn’t cut into my staring time 😉

TOO pregnant!

I recently just spent 287 days pregnant. 10 months & 1 week. I’m not sure where pregnancy became known only as a 9 month period- but it’s not! Carrying full term (40 weeks, or 41 in my case) puts you at 10 months. Just an FYI 🙂

pregnantSince I was about 35 weeks along, my doctors started telling me that my big Ellis boy could be here any day. They said he was growing two weeks ahead of me, putting him at 37 weeks in size when I was only 35 weeks along. They said he was head down, fully engaged- I had lost my mucus plug, was 90% effaced and at a station -1. He could be here any day! Well the days passed and kept passing, until the magic day of week 40 came along. After 5 weeks of thinking that I was going to go into labor any second—I told my doctor that I didn’t want to sit in suspense any longer. Thus scheduling my induction date to be the first day of week 41: August 4th, 2015.

My pregnancy was quite the experience to say the very least- between growing a monster sized baby that turned out to only be 9 lbs, to having to stay home from work starting week at 35 due to unknown pains, to not one but THREE early admittances to labor and delivery because my uterus LOVES to contract, to my unknown pain not being unknown pain at all and turning out to be kidney stones- it was one very long and stressful adventure!!

But the outcome… has been more rewarding than anything else I will do in my life. This tiny little babe is so incredible already. He is changing everyday, and as a result, he is changing me. I am beyond excited for the journey we have ahead of us!

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