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I’ve started a few different posts in the last few weeks and they have all been demoted to the draft folder where they will collect web bunnies and start to smell like Granny’s basement. My creativity level has been at an all time high lately and I can’t seem to get any of it down on a post without feeling overwhelmed! So- I’m taking a step back today and going in a little different direction. Beautification is something that almost all women (and some men) do- whether it just be washing your face with your favorite face wash, or slapping on ten tons of make up (which I’m not knocking)- we all have some favorites in this area. One of mine is Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. This stuff is a god send, really. I’ve gone through different skin types since high school- from really greasy, to really dry during pregnancy, and currently tame- this stuff has always worked magic. My second and newest favorite face product is the ever lasting Cup O’ Coffee mask from Lush. Lush is, as many ladies know, just the most absolute. From bath bombs to face scrubs to numerous soaps- they have it all in the bathroom world. Not to mention they are 100% vegan, fighting against animal testing and all of their products are handmade with a little sticker on each product telling you the name of the person that crafted your purchase. Other items that I use almost every day are:

So there’s a little look inside my every day prep! Not that you asked;)




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