Mom & Baby Favorites

I’ve been wanting to do a review post on all of the baby related things I love for Ellis and myself both. Some of these things hes already outgrown, BUT, for anyone with infants some of these may be helpful!


One of my first

purchases before El arrived was his/my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. Six months later and I am still in love with this bag!! I get so many compliments on it. I love the design- It can be used as a shoulder bag or a backpack which is the way I use it. When sat on a surface, it stands up right and you can zip down the front of the bag and it folds out into a changing mat with pockets for diapers and wipes. It’s so neat and convenient. This brand also carries some very stylish/manly diaper bags for men as well 🙂


I would say our second most detrimental baby item we have is the Baby Bjorn Bouncer we inherited. This particular bouncer is discontinued, but you can still get them on amazon! I truly don’t know what we would have done without this thing. Not saying that it would be perfect for every baby, but El had so much fun kicking and making himself bounce, or just being able to relax and chill. The block attachment toy is also a fan favorite- it may not seem like much, but it is just enough to stimulate without being overwhelming. The chair is just great for whatever amount of effort the little babe wants to put in at the time. Unfortunately, I think we’ve run our course with the bouncer. El has a lot more body strength now and just tries to sit up completely straight in it which doesn’t work. But hey, 6 months is pretty good!!

11863431_10207472100861255_1834030221157844486_nOne more lengthy review: The Ergo Baby Carrier – I also inherited this item and I am so thankful for that. Being born in August gave El and I a few solid months of outdoor walks and adventures with the carrier! This carrier came with an infant insert that was just like a little pocket for him when he was very small, and as he grew, we just took the insert out and started working his legs out of either side of the carrier. One thing I loved about this carrier was that it has a pocket in front so you could store small items (keys, phone, etc.) and that was very handy! It also has a little hood you can clip over the babes head for sunshade. The only thing we ran into with this was that of course, El grew out of wanting to face only inward. But easily fixed- we have the Ergo 360 ordered and on the way! 🙂

Other items I couldn’t have gone/go without:

Small shops to checkout:

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