What’s it gonna be?

I have always loved making things. Craft things, assembling things, trying to put things together without the instructions because who needs those? But- my dad is a Carpenter, so I may have grown up with a slight advantage in the assembly department 🙂

chalkboard beforeMy latest DIY project was pretty easy! But I’m very fortunate to have my dad around to always fetch the extra pieces I need from job sites. This project started out as two oak frames that I picture used to be cabinet doors. They had spots where hinges used to be on the back, and also a spot where handles used to be on the front. To a lot of people, this pair probably just looked like firewood. But when Jordan showed them to me, I immediately thought to myself- “Awesome! What’s it gonna be?” chalkboard after

After weeks of trying to figure out the perfect use for these frames, the answer turned out to be chalkboards! I am so excited about these for the fall so that I can draw little pumpkins and really dress them up! Hopefully they will be hung by then 🙂


I’m in love with the way these turned out! There is something so rewarding about making your own decorations if you’re able. Try it out if you’re up for it!

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